My New Jnaja Cockring

I think Velv’Or has to be my new favourite sex toy brand. You guys know I was impressed with the design of the JBoa recently, but when I saw the JNaja I knew I wanted one.

I got this cockring from after measuring and chose the Red one, and it’s fucking amazing. It feels great, and it really is quite different to all the other cockrings I have in my collection (and I have a lot!)

A few things about this make it different. First it’s one that you can wear for as long as you like, because it’s designed to be form fitting and not too tight. Second, it’s made from a coloured carbon fiber that ages over time. I’m actually looking forward to seeing the colour changing.

The JNaja cockring comes in red, black and white, with three sizes to choose from.

The JNaja cockring comes in red, black and white, with three sizes to choose from.

It does feel very comfortable and every time I move I can feel that little perineum massager working my taint. It keeps me horny the whole time!

After the first day of wearing this at work (without anyone knowing) I was so horny I needed to hook up with someone so bad! I called up a suck buddy and we blew each other for about an hour before I shot a massive load in his mouth 😉

Now he wants one too.

I got mine from, but I guess there might be other sites out there selling them. They can be a bit expensive, but in my opinion they’re definitely worth the investment. I think I’ll be getting the white and black ones too in the next couple of months.

2 thoughts on “My New Jnaja Cockring

  1. Ringer

    I bought one of these after reading your post about them and they are amazing! Would definitely recommend the investment.


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